Bollywood actress Rani Mukerji, who recently attended the Indian Film Festival in Melbourne, spoke about the first day when she arrived on the sets of Hey Ram and met veteran actor Kamal Haasan.  

Actor-turned-politician Kamal Haasan, who was already on the sets told her was to wash off her make-up and Rani was left all stunned. She said that Kamal Haasan was a huge inspiration for her during the entire filmmaking.


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She said, "Hey Ram was a turning point. I went to the set and Kamal Haasan told me to wash off my make-up. So I went back to my room, dabbed my face and came back. Kamal sir asked me to go back again and actually wash my face. I then removed all my make-up and for the first time, I felt confident. Back then, heroines were expected to put a lot of make-up and that was the normal. But, he changed me. I think an artist should be able to forget about their looks, hair and weight. Rather, the focus should be on their act on screen. That's when you truly evolve."


At the Indian Film Festival in Melbourne, Rani was presented with the Best Actress award along with the Excellence in Cinema award and also she was the chief guest.

Coming back to the movie, Hey Ram (2000) was a Tamil-Hindi bilingual based on India's partition and Mahatma Gandhi's assassination by Nathuram Godse. Shah Rukh Khan also played a small role in the movie. 

On the work front, Rani made her comeback with Hichki. This movie is all set to release in Kazakhstan on September 20 and is currently running in Russia.