Bollywood actor John Abraham Wednesday slammed the Maharashtra government's nod for use of forest land in Aarey Colony here for construction of a Metro car shed, and also said he was opposed to the Coastal Road project.

Environmental activists have been opposing the decision to build car shed for Metro-3 in Aarey Colony, as it will entail cutting of thousands of trees. Ecological concerns have also been raised about the ambitious coastal road project in the city.

Abraham touched upon the controversy surrounding use of Aarey Colony land for Metro-3 when asked about the issues he cares for as a Mumbai resident. He was speaking at the trailer launch of his film "Batla House".

"There is something called water harvesting and we are not doing it properly in the city....(if) we don't have enough rains in the city and country, the rivers are going to dry up in next 20-30 years and it is a serious problem this country is facing," he said.

Further, he was upset with the decision to construct a cashed for Metro by cutting down trees in Aarey Colony, he said.

"When the Maharashtra government has decided to cut (trees on) 33 hectares of land in Aarey Milk Colony then we wonder are we thinking in the right direction? 

"Someone like me is opposed to the coastal road. I am opposed to the 33 hectares of land being cut....You are displacing animals, it is ridiculous...It is a cause of concern. I don't understand where we are going," the actor said.