John Abraham is back in his action-packed avatar this Independence Day with his latest vigilante action thriller Satyameva Jayate. John describes the flick as, “An aspirational film which deals with all the angst in society.” Elaborating on our society’s problems on India’s 72nd Independence Day, the actor said, “In today’s date, what is happening to our society? Women, children, animals! (It’s a) degenerated society. Suddenly you want to take that anger out. Today, especially girls, when you are walking and you see a man looking at you and he is disrobing you without even taking your clothes off, you feel like hitting him. My character in Satyameva Jayate does that.”
The actor says he is proud to be an Indian and his pride for the nation is reflected in his choice of films as a producer. At the beginning of his career, films he did gave John Abraham commercial success but he was not satisfied as an actor as he was unable to do the kind of movies he wanted to. Hence, when he turned producer, John made no mistakes and selected his projects wisely. He said, “I am a proud Indian. I wanted people to know that in today’s date it is cool to be an Indian. Because of the Pokhran test I made Parmanu. I believed in the film, so my performance in it was engaging. Finally, I have started doing the kind of films I have always wanted to do.”
Even though John is a proud citizen of India, he refuses to do a patriotic film just for the sake of following the trend. John explained, “I don’t go by trends. I will not do a patriotic film because that is the trend. Why should I do a sports biopic? Because the world is doing it? On the contrary, I will not do it because everybody else is doing it.”
The 45-year-old actor, who has already turned producer, has given us movies like Vicky Donor, Madras Café and Parmanu: The Story of Pokhran. Which role does he enjoy more, an actor or a producer? He said, “I love acting but as a producer, I feel it’s like a mother having her own child. It’s your baby. I gave birth to Parmanu.”
John Abraham is now planning to don the director’s hat. He said, “You are the most powerful when you are a director, more than a producer or actor. I will direct eventually. I don’t know how soon. I feel there is a calling.”
Satyameva Jayate is clashing at the box office with Akshay Kumar’s Gold, with both the films releasing on Independence Day. When quizzed on the same, John expressed, “There is enough space for two films on a holiday. Akshay is a friend. I will only hope that Gold does well. I’ll never say anything negative because from my heart I want him to do well. I love him and I think he feels the same. Hopefully, we will work together soon.”