Bengaluru: We are in the middle of the IPL season, which is almost celebrated like a big festival in India. For a nation that eats, sleeps and breathes Bollywood and Cricket, it comes as no surprise that superstar Shah Rukh Khan owns the best team of IPL, Kolkata Knight Riders that has won the title two times in 2012 and 2014. 

The wins of the team are not without controversies and the most famous one is Shah Rukh Khan and Sourav Ganguly's cold war. This happened when Shah Rukh decided not to buy Sourav in the fourth season of IPL for his team Kolkata Knight Riders, which later led to a rift between the two. 


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This happened despite Sourav having performed well in the previous season. According to reports, KKR management team and King Khan wanted to refresh their team and wanted Sourav to mentor the team, which Dada didn't want to do. Later, Sourav went onto join Pune team – Pune Warriors. 

In an interview with ESPN, Sourav gave some bitchy comments about the actor calling him his toothache. He had said, "I experienced a throbbing sensation in my jaw. It was extremely annoying, painful and made me wince. So I have decided to dedicate my toothache to the one other entity that makes me feel the same - Shah Rukh. However, unlike Shah Rukh, the toothache will be gone in a few days. If only there were painkillers that could get rid of gratuitously irritating, cloyingly cheerful team owners, eh?"

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But a few years later, Sourav took a u-turn. In an interview with Times Now, Sourav had said, "KKR were fair in changing the team around, but it was a bit surprising not being a part of them as the franchise was very close to me." He also talked about his equation with KKR owner Shah Rukh, Ganguly had said, "Oh Yes! There was never a problem, whenever these things (both going different ways) happen, there's always a bit of hitch."