Saransh Goila’s YouTube cookery videos from a few years ago could be just about any of us passionate about food: A young lad stands inside a warm, homely kitchen in Mumbai and wins homemakers’ hearts with his experimental egg recipes, butter chicken et al.

Cut to present: The Saransh Goila Butter Chicken is a sensation in Mumbai, and far shores apart, the 31-year-old chef is judging MasterChef Australia contestants at whipping up the quintessential Punjabi delicacy that is famous all over the world. In the trailers, he briefs three young girls about getting the flavours rights, making it “smoky” and minding the spices, and of course, “not forgetting the sirke waale pyaaz and roomali roti—which is named after a handkerchief.”

The girls’ faces say the challenge won’t be easy, but nor was Saransh’s own journey at mastering the dish! From growing up on the streets of Pitampura to finding ground in Mumbai and now crossing a big milestone in Melbourne, the self-learned chef has come a long way in making the nation proud!

We’ll have to wait until September to watch Saransh on the show but here’s a glimpse of our Big Butter Chicken Boy during the episode.