Kannada superstar Darshan just wrapped up a shoot for a cameo role in the movie Inspector Vikram also starring Prajwal Devaraj and Bhavana.

Challenging Star Darshan appeared as Bhagat Singh in a cameo role in the film directed by Sri Naramsimha. The director and the crew chose not to reveal any details about the role Darshan is playing, but said that it is a vital role and contributes a lot to the plot of the story.

Darshan rarely does cameos and the weight the name 'Bhagat Singh' holds might have made him accept the proposal, say fans. It can be noted that Darshan had earlier played a prominent but short role in Prajwal Devaraj's movie Chowka too, which won huge accolades.

The director of the film Narasimha was a co-director of the movie Pushpaka Vimana and the makers of the same movie have put in money for Inspector Vikram too.

The director reportedly chose Darshan because of the star's stature. Even Bhagat Singh was six-feet tall and well built. Clean-shaven Darshan just looks the same and that is why they specifically wanted Darshan to play the role.