Mumbai: From fixing iPhone to becoming an IT professional and finally a Bollywood news breaker, Murtaza Rangwala has carved a niche in the entertainment news world. But his rags to riches story is no different than the plot of a Bollywood movie itself.

Coming from the land of opportunities, Murtaza never got to explore his talent as having family responsibilities always got him bounded. Wanting to fulfil his parents dream Murtaza took up engineering but faced hurdles as his dreams were different. Leaving no stone unturned and having no financial support, Murtaza went from fixing iPhones to becoming well renowned IT professional, who also resolved issues of hacked social media profiles of many of his celebrity clients. This is how he started earning and saving money for something big, for he always believed he was destined for greatness.

One such attempt was when Murtaza along with studying started his own website, with a group of friends that did generate good revenue. As is with all business ventures especially in the digital sphere, due to unforeseen circumstances the website sunk and took along with it Murtaza and his home. 

The biggest hurdle was having to start it all over again and this became a turning point in his life. In 2014 Murtaza established his own website, an ambitious move considering he had no Godfather in the industry. Taking up the campaign by making Disha Patani the most trending celeb digitally to nationally crush Priya Varrier's digital campaign and many more projects in the pipeline, Rangwala has done it all. 

Today, his website is one of the leading Bollywood portals having well-renowned celebrities on board and it all started when Rangwala dared to take up the challenge.