Lawyers for Harvey Weinstein want to appeal a court ruling that lets an aspiring actress' lawsuit equating Hollywood's casting couch to sex trafficking move forward. The lawyers filed papers in Manhattan federal court Monday asking a judge to let them immediately appeal his ruling two weeks ago that gave the lawsuit the green light.

Kadian Noble said that Weinstein molested her in 2014 in a Cannes, France, hotel room. Judge Robert Sweet ruled that the lawsuit was fairly brought under sex trafficking laws because the proverbial casting couch could be considered a "commercial sex act." Weinstein's lawyers argued there was no legal precedent for the ruling. They said the sex trafficking statute could not be used if there was no allegation of trafficking women.

Since the allegations first came to light in early October last year, the story has been developing continuously with more women coming forward with their stories of sexual harassment in the hands of Weinstein. Producers Guild of America, The Television Academy, Bafta among others have formally severed ties with the American film producer.