It has been a sight to watch when it comes to various industries that relate to entertainment and music. Whether it is Bollywood or Hollywood, the way the entertainment world has seen a surge in its growth since the beginning is incredible. In such scenarios, where the industry grows each passing day, it was also imperative to find talents that can in one way or the other contribute exceptionally to the industry to raise the bar for others. So many youngsters set foot into the industry with the aim to carve their own special place in the same honing their skills, be it in acting, music or any other thing. One such talented individual intending to take the Punjabi entertainment industry to much greater heights is Harpreet Singh.

Harpreet Singh, also popularly known as Hpreet Singh and Singhwithbenz, has made his name synonymous with the Punjab music and film industry by becoming a renowned producer of the same. The way the music industry has seen a rise with people demanding unique and soul-touching music, Harpreet decided to launch his own company called "Singhwithbenz" to work towards fulfilling all these demands of various audiences and to prove across other industries that the Punjabi industry is no behind when it comes to finding real talents and creating exceptional music and films.

Not having a background in music or films, only with his quest to prove his mettle as a producer and with his passion for doing something for the industry, Harpreet dived many young talents in the Punjabi Music industry.

Harpreet also aims to take ahead the many talented artists of Punjab to make them gain a name for themselves that they truly deserve. It was in the year 2014; he joined the industry with the vision to raise the standard of music and films of the Punjabi industry.

Speaking of his upcoming projects, he is planning to produce several music albums this year and is also on the works to produce a movie under his production. Checking his Instagram would let people know how consistent and creative he is in posting new stuff and the new projects that he produces. To check out more about him.

Harpreet has definitely proved why he is one of the leading producers of the Punjab entertainment industry as he gains momentum each passing day as a music entrepreneur and a talented mind.