One of the most anticipated cinemas of Dhollywood, ‘Saiyar Mori Re’ has been released and whole-heartedly, it has won the hearts of all its audience. Based on a sweet and sour love story, with an experimental approach, the entire production was skeptical about the fate of the film at the box office. Though the initial release of the trailer and teaser of the film created a huge hype among the audience, the filmmakers were still looking forward to the big day of theatrical release.

Flagging off the expectations, the film did amazing at the box office, and according to the audience reactions; the film did even better than expected! The beautiful storyline of the film with its fair share of emotions and actions was loved by the audience. K-Brothers (the producers of the film) have shared their contentment with the success of the film. This film marked their first time as producers in the industry, Jay Kariya (Singer turned Producer) and Meet Kariya (Director turned Producer).

Thus, they have shared about their much await and anticipation which has finally been a relief. Writer and director Vishal Vada Vala has done a commendable job in depicting the heartfelt story in a classic expressionist way of cinema. Actors Mayur Chauhan and Yukti Randeria in the lead roles have done justice to their characters. The other casts of the film including Mehul Desai, Mayur Soneji, Mehul Bhil, Gaurang Anand, Vaishakhratanben, Jahanvi Patel, and Nisharg Trivedi have also done commendable jobs individually.

Another aspect of the film that has been widely appreciated by the audience is the music of the film. The title track of the film sung by Jignesh Barot has been loved for its soulful rendition. The lyrics of the song have been written by Bhargav Purohit and the music was recreated by Kedar Bhargav. Other tracks like Manda Lidha Mohi Raj have also been loved and well reciprocated by the audience.

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