Mumbai: Actor Kangana Ranaut is known for saying like it is and she seems to have poked a sleeping dragon with her recent comments, or so the former chairman of Central Board of Film Certification, Pahlaj Nihalani thinks. Nihalani has responded to the comments claiming that the photo shoot for his movie was Kangana's claim to fame. 

In an interview with Cineblitz Nihalani responded to Kangana's comments about his 'soft-porn' movie I Love You Boss, “I had spent one-and-a-half crore on that picture advertisement and shot for three songs. She did the reading post the photoshoot, but with my advertisement and the poster, she got Mahesh Bhatt’s film (Gangster) and backed out of my film as she requested me to let her do Gangster as we were under a three-movie deal. She should not play with me, otherwise, I have a lot of things to play with her.”

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The controversy began when in an interview with Mid-Day, Ranaut had narrated an incident when she had to play the role of a young girl lusting after a middle-aged man. "Pahlaj Nihalani had offered me a film called I Love You Boss. They had a photo shoot where they gave me a robe to wear and no undergarments. So I just had a satin robe for a show-girl pose, from which I had to stick my leg out, coming out of darkness,” she said. Terming the role as a 'soft-porn character', she added, “They should at least have given some tapes. I was supposed to play a young girl lusting after her middle-aged boss. So it was a soft-porn sort of character. And I had this epiphany that I can’t do this. I felt like this is exactly what my parents were talking about. I actually went through the photo shoot, but then I disappeared. I changed my number.”

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