Bengaluru: BJP lawmaker Hema Malini was heavily trolled after a video of her taking part in a cleanliness drive at the Parliament went viral on social media. While the viewers found her attempt to sweep the premises absurd, Dharmendra, her husband replied to one his followers’ questions stating that he has seen her pick a broom only in films.

The 83-year-old actor went ahead to say that she looked like a novice to him too. He replied in Hindi that he used to help his mother in household chores during his childhood and he called himself “very efficient” in using brooms.

Though his fans appreciated his honest and fast-paced reply, the actor took to Twitter to apologise for his sarcastic comment.

In the tweet, he wrote that he has been misunderstood and that he will never tweet about the broom again. Along with the tweet he shared a picture of his younger self sitting beside a car with folded hands.

In the video that went viral on Saturday, the actor turned politician Hema Malini was seen trying to sweep the Parliamentary premises. Hema’s broom barely touched the ground while she was sweeping. It did seem as though after advocating pure water and clean wipes all these years, she was trying to make a valid point of ensuring that the air is clean.

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