New Delhi: With Jack Nicholson's rendition of the agent of chaos aka The Joker in 1989 and then the brilliant Heath Ledger reprising the role in The Dark Knight, the pressure is immense for Joaquin Phoenix to walk in the joker shoes in Todd Phillips's Joker.

Unlike the previous roles, the 2019 Joker is an emo-boy thrown into a malicious society rather than a vat of radioactive waste. There's also a human side to him. Rather than a freewheeling villain, the new joker takes care of an ailing mother. "I used to think my life was a tragedy but now I think it is a comedy," he says in the recently dropped teaser. Take a look and feel the deep feels:

The new version seeks to provide a social commentary on the present times but a few die-hard Joker fans are not too pleased. Not only is Joaquin Phoenix without the signature purple suit and green hair (he wears a wig), the name of the character has also got a makeover. The original character is named Jack Napier but Todd Phillips' character is named Arthur Fleck or A. Fleck. 
Some netizens are insinuating that it is a subtle dig at actor Ben Affleck. 


Though this Joker won't fill you with fear, it will make you feel despair and sadness, and perhaps provide an insight into the mind of a mental health patient. The emo-boy quotes from the trailer are drumming up quite a social media storm. What is your take on 2019 Joker?