Darshan Budhrani is a well-known producer in the Gujarati Film Industry and he has been a part of the industry for a long time. Darshan believes in introducing new and unique concept for his audiences. Darshan has been part of projects are closely relatable to his fans and followers. He has even worked with many known directors and actors of the industry.

His work includes Mane Khabar Chhe casting Anupriya Parmar & Akash Pandya reflecting unconditional relationship goals. Darshan has also been a part of a video song called Nand Gher Anand by Nandlal Chhanga based on the birth of Kanuda where the festival of Janmashtami which has created a beautiful atmosphere like Diwali or New Year in Gokul is described. He loves working on social issues affecting the real life and so he recently took the internet with his unique project called Karmo ka Vyaapar casting Khushi Shah. Karmo Ka Vyaapar is a video song that talks about the changing relationship through the pandemic. He has worked with people like Poojan Shah, Nandlal Chhanga and many more.

Darshan is known for his creative ideas through his video songs and his videos are usually inspired from real-life issues and situations making his videos desirable to his viewers. According to the sources he has been planning on executing multiple projects including an upcoming one in collaboration with Poojan Shah. The project is yet not disclosed by the parties however it is believed to be one of its kind. He has also mentioned that “I love my approaches to simple yet close to the heart of my audience. The most important thing is to connect; however it is also important to keep it unique concept wise. I hope the hard work and dedication I put towards my work shows up in the ultimate outcome of the work I do.”

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