Mumbai:  If you thought revealing that his young girlfriend, Jasleen Matharu, had once dated Punjabi singer Sukhwinder Singh, was the last controversy by Anup Jalota, think again. The 65-year-old musician has dropped yet another bombshell by revealing the massive amount of money he spent to look his best. 

It all began when another inmate in the Bigg Boss house, Deepak Thakur, asked Jalota about his unusual hairstyle. Instead of dodging the question, the musician revealed that he got a hair transplant for Rs 7 lakhs.

Yep, he further revealed that the cosmetologist charged him Rs 100 per strand of hair, much more than the usual rate of Rs 50 per hair. A quick calculation reveals that Jalota has spent a fortune on 7000 strands of hair, as you do.

So, the next time you try mocking Anup Jalota, remember that each strand on his hair costs more than your go-to plate of momos.