Veteran south Indian actor Bhanupriya has been accused of harassing a teenage girl whom she allegedly hired as domestic help. A lady named Prabhavati, claiming to be the cinematic help's mother, filed a complaint with Chennai police.

She stated that her daughter Sandhya was working in the actor's residence in Chennai for a year and was not allowed to meet her family. However, Bhanupriya denied these allegations.

The victim’s mother has alleged that her daughter was also not paid her salary regularly which was Rs 10,000 per month, but the actor says the girl had stolen valuables.

Last night, January 24, Sandya's mother took help from Child Welfare groups, filed a missing complaint with the Samalkot police station in East Godavari. In her statement, she said Bhanupriya's brother Gopala Krishna is harassing her daughter. 

Prabhavathi told the media, "We sent her to work in Chennai. when we asked them to send her back, Bhanupriya's brother said that the other six househelps were on leave, and told us that they will send my daughter home once they return." She also said, "My  daughter apparently has bruises on her face."

However,  the funny part is, Sandhya slammed all the reports of child abuse and other allegations made by her mother. In her statement to the police officials that she was not being harassed by anyone and wasn't house-arrested by Bhanupriya. 

Meanwhile, Bhanupriya is now claiming that she did not know the age of the girl. According to the Child Labour (Prohibition and Regulation) Amendment Act 2016, those accused of hiring children below 14 years of age for any job can get up to two-year imprisoning and a fine of maximum Rs 50,000. 

Not just that, the mother of the child is also punishable for giving away the child for labour.

Besides South Indian movies, Bhanupriya has also acted in quite a few Bollywood films alongside Jeetendra and Rajesh Khanna. She was last seen in Telugu superhit movie Mahanati which was the biopic on iconic actress Savitri and was seen playing the actress' aunt.