Bollywood actor Neha Dhupia's chat show is known to bring out the funny and witty side of our favourite celebrities, that we have never known before. 

Recently, rapper Badshah visited the studio as a guest and indulged in a candid conversation. During the show, he said he finds Raveen Tandon naturally sexy. Her voice, the way she looks, her hair, the way she conducts herself, it’s so sexy, he said. Badshah added that when it comes to Katrina Kaif, he gets this "elder sister types" vibes. He said, "Mujhe unse bade elder sisterly vibes aate hai." 

Badshah opened up on the inspiration behind his name. "When I was looking for a stage name for myself, it was around that time that Badshah, the film, had released, and I was like... you know that’s a nice name. I discussed it with a few of my cousins and they started laughing and I was like... now I’m pretty sure I want to call myself Badshah (SIC)," he said.

But surprisingly, during the one-on-one, Badshah said that his wife is not his fan. And he revealed the amount Badshah has spent on his shoes, everybody's jaws dropped. 

When Neha asked him the net worth of his shoes, he quipped, "Rs 1.5 crore! I love shoes, that is my only vice when it comes to spending."

Watch the promo of the episode here...