Mumbai:  Pulwama terror attack has shaken the nation and as the citizens mourn the loss of the soldiers who died in the attack, many find ways to cope with the grief.

Proving the age-old saying - Pen is mightier than the sword, actor Ayushmann Khurrana took to social media to share a heartfelt tribute for the martyrs and their families with a poem. His words sparked a flame on Twitter and soon fans were sharing their compositions as an ode to the fallen soldiers. 

His poem written in Hindi literally translates to-

Every soldier of the country is special, they fight till the last breath.
The happiness of their families is on an endless lockdown
The mothers of the martyrs have a neverending fast 
I have heard their children say-
Our father is still with us.  


His fans also contributed with words such as झूठे आशिक़ो को वो पैगाम दे गए सच्ची मोहब्बत के वास्ते वतन पर जान दे गए (The soldiers have sent a message for the fake lovers that they have given up their lives for truly loving their country.) and कहा था ना मै लोटकर जरूर आऊगां भले ही तिरंगे कि हिफाजत के लिये तिरंगे में लिपट जाऊं। (I did say that I would return, for the safety of the country's flag I would even wrap it around my coffin to return).

The attack has saddened the entire nation and even stirred the world of Bollywood into action. Uri star Vicky Kaushal while lauding actor Amitabh Bachchan's decision to donate Rs five lakh each to the families of the martyrs said, "I think in any way, be it financially or emotionally, if we can support their families as a nation it is a good thing. We all should come ahead. 

Meanwhile, despite dispelling the grief with the pen Khurrana could not help but angry at the situation and tweeted that animals have more empathy than humans.