Veteran actor Asrani slams the #MeToo movement, says 'don't take this seriously'
First Published 11, Oct 2018, 3:19 PM IST
Asrani metoo movement times up sexual harassment comedy Bollywood

 Actor-comedian Govardhan Thakurdas Jethanand Asrani dumbs down the movement for women empowerment by passing it off as a publicity stunt

Mumbai: With a Bollywood career spanning over five decades, veteran actor-comedian Govardhan Thakurdas Jethanand Asrani, slammed the recent #metoo movement taking over the social media.  

In a recent interview, the 77-year-old actor was quoted as saying, "I support women, everyone should, but all this is mostly for publicity, part of film promotions and nothing else. Mere accusations mean nothing, don't take this seriously".

His comments have drawn a lot of flak from women as well as Me Too supporters for trivialising the attempts of victims to seek justice. One commenter wrote saying, 'Shame on you #Asrani for having said that . The trauma which a girl goes through is known only to her .  May I ask what are you hiding in your cupboard ? #MeToo'