After Bollywood actor Alok Nath filed a defamation case against Vinta Nanda, who accused him of raping her, the veteran actor's lawyer tried to defend him by using the "sanskari" tag that is often used for him.

In a report published on Mumbai Mirror, Alok Nath's lawyer Ashok Saraogi started the argument in the court by stressing on how the actor is considered to be an epitome of "sanskar", and on the other side, Nanda smoked and consumed alcohol.

Ashok also described Vinta as a “storyteller” and the allegations are fabricated stories. He dismissed Vinta’s narrative that she drank herself silly and was in depression for 10 years, as “fiction”. “This person is unconscious, over-drunk and does not know when she reached her home and who took her there. She just realised that she has experienced pain, but she doesn’t say where the pain is. After drinking, you get a hangover, that too causes pain,” Saraogi challenged. 

The lawyer further tried to rubbish Vinta's allegations by asking why she did not approach the authority when the incident happened many years ago. Nath's defence lawyer targeted Nanda's character by stressing on her “drinking and smoking habits”. Ashok also accused Vinta of levelling accusations to grab money.

On the other side, Vinta's lawyer Dhruti Kapadia slammed the Nath’s lawyer, calling it an attempt of character assassination, and further said that it is her freedom of expression to open up about the alleged incident as and when she gathered the courage to do so. 

According to the daily, Dhruti pointed out that there was no Vishaka Committee 20 years ago and that even under the IT Act, one is allowed to write what one wants. She argued that her client, at the time, was a 30-year-old lady, who wanted a career. 

Not just Vinta, many other women have also spoken about his alleged sexual misconduct. 

Dhruti said in the courtroom, “What does a woman have to gain by coming out and saying that she was raped. And we all know where the pain would be if a person is raped,” she retorted, responding to Saraogi’s bid at character assassination.

Pointing out that even Alok was drunk, Dhruti further argued that just because Vinta was drunk, it doesn’t make her “characterless”. “He (Alok Nath) says, ‘I have made her life.’ He made her life by raping her?” the lawyer asked sarcastically.

After hearing arguments of both parties in the for almost three hours on Thursday, October 25, the court is likely to pass orders today (October 26).