TV show Naamkaran actress Nalini Negi has filed an FIR at Oshiwara police station against Preeti Rana and her mother, Snehalata Rana, for physical assault.

According to the actress, the incident took place a few days ago when Nalini asked Preeti Rana and her mother to vacate the house as her parents were planning to visit her soon.

In a report published in, Nalini said Preeti used to stay with her, but eventually the actress moved out to stay alone at a flat in Oshiwara. Later, Preeti, who was unable to get a place for her, requested Nalini if she can allow her to stay for a few weeks until she finds a flat. “I accepted her request as it was a matter of few weeks and I have a 2-bhk, so my privacy was not being compromised. Also, in that period, my folks were not in town as they were with my sister in Delhi," the actress said.


Why Nalini Allowed Preeti To Stay With Her?

When Nalini recently asked Preeti to vacate the room as her parents were planning to visit soon. Preeti agreed at the time.

“Within a few days, Preeti’s mother arrived and started staying here, but I thought maybe she has come to help Preeti in moving out. However, last week, she started arguing with me randomly as I was leaving for the gym with my friend. I asked her what the matter is but she refused to calm down and started using foul language. Next thing I know is she calls her daughter Preeti and starts complaining claiming that I was talking to her with disrespect. Preeti arrived and she too started yelling at me. While I was trying to explain to Preeti what the matter was, her mother attacked me with a glass. I lost control and then both of them jumped on me and started hitting me brutally. They almost killed me,” Nalini informed 

Preeti & Her Mother Attacked Her With A Glass

Nalini Negi, who was seen in shows like MTV Splitsvilla 2, Laut Aao Trisha, Doli Armaanon Ki, said that Preeti and her mother planned to attack with an attempt to almost destroy her face. “I was shocked that someone’s mother hit me. She was the one provoking violence. Later, I realised that they had plans of ruining my face since I am an actress.”

The latest reports say that Nalini’s parents are in Mumbai and taking care of the actress and that Oshiwara police will soon submit the case in court.