Ace Patel is a well-known commercial photographer and lighting technician based in Orlando, Florida. He is known for his intricate lighting techniques and composition which can be seen in his work on almost daily basis. He has been engaged in commercial photography until 2017 when he decided to test his skills on the highest level – The Motion Pictures.
One would think it would be easy for a photographer to create the same quality in motion pictures but, it is not as easy as it seems from outside. “You would think that just because you know how to work with soft boxes and flash lights you would be able to create the same magic in motion pictures. (Chuckles) That is not at all correct. In still photography you control your environment, your lights, your camera angle, your subject whereas, in motion picture you are constantly moving, your subject is constantly moving and so does the world around it.”
Ace has always been a storyteller with his pictures. His pictures reflect energy, depth, shapes, colors, size and together they all point in one direction – The Story. Like this picture which he named, “The Journey to the top.”

“I took this picture with my cell phone while working on a feature film, Rook. I was born in a small town named Khambhat, Gujarat, India and no one would imagine me being commercially successful in the world of art and making it to the highest level there is. This picture reflects my emotions. You work hard to reach to your goals and when you do, you just want to enjoy the view and feel proud about it during the setting sun.”
According to him, the fundamentals in his work remain the same. The process has changed but, he is still carrying his style of work in lighting and composition. “After all, moving pictures are nothing but 24 photos in one sec,” he claims. He added that his understanding of fundamentals and techniques made it easier to transit from the comfort of stills to the challenges of motion pictures.
His major credit of work includes The Right Stuff (Nat Geo/Disney +), Rook (releasing Aug. 11th, 2020), Disney World Resort, Disney Holiday Celebration - 2019 (ABC Network), Karate Kombat, WWE NXT, and many more.
His upcoming projects include Mammon (feature film) starring an Oscar-Nominated Actor and Fakers (Episodic Series) amongst a stack of other projects which are yet to be green-lit.
Along with his commercial work, he is also engaged in supporting NGOs with his skills and storytelling abilities. He feels that giving back to the community is equally important and should be a moral duty of everyone who could make a difference.
We wish him all the best for his upcoming projects and look forward to seeing this highly skilled and an extraordinarily talented small town boy in action.