Vivek Oberoi had recently shared a meme of Aishwarya’s three alleged relationships in life comparing them to the election results. The actor was trolled by a lot of celebs and the National Commission for Women (NCW) had issued a notice seeking an explanation for his post along with an apology for his actions.

The actor was trolled and received backlash. Sonam Kapoor tweeted terming the post as ‘classless’ and ‘disgusting’. Abhishek too lost his temper over the “distasteful” tweet that made references to his wife’s relationships, even though Abhishek always seems calm and composed.

Aishwarya, was at the Cannes 2019 Film Festival when she got to know that Vivek had shared the post. The actress reportedly had to calm Abhishek, asking him not to react to Vivek’s “attempt at getting cheap publicity for his upcoming release, PM Modi”, which is scheduled to release tomorrow (May 24).

She said that Abhishek was ready to fire on all cylinders. “It takes a lot to get him angry, but this disparaging tweet really got his goat,” she said.

“She was in Cannes when she heard about it. She was bemused and baffled. She had to calm Abhishek down. She cannily saw through Oberoi’s ruse to garner publicity for his pitiable Narendra Modi biopic. She told Abhishek not to play into his hands,” a source revealed to Deccan Chronicle.

Oberoi later even apologised and deleted the tweet. Meanwhile, when Salman Khan was asked about his opinion regarding the tweet, he said that he doesn’t pay attention to such memes.