The teaser of Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar's much-awaited sci-fi venture 2.0 is finally out. 2.0, which is the most expensive Indian project, has Rajinikanth locking horns with Bollywood’s Akshay Kumar.

In the teaser, we can see Akshay as a mysterious supervillain, who can control crows and mobile phones. He looks scary and has a mission to destroy everything. 


In a scene, we can see Rajini sitting in a meeting to discuss the mysterious superpower, which is troubling the people in the city. Rajini is suggested to stop the villain with the help of a superhero. So Chitti, the robot, is back in action.

The film also stars Amy Jackson, but the teaser doesn't explore much into her character. 


Shankar, the director, took two years for production aided by more than 3000 technicians from around the world. According to the latest news, Rajinikanth's 2.0 has spent $ 75 million (Rs 544 crore) on the VFX alone. 2.0, which is currently the most expensive Indian film, is also the first venture in the country, which is entirely shot in 3D.

The filmmakers had more than 100 studios across the globe working on the VFX in 2.0 under the supervision of Raju Mahalingam, who also worked on Baahubali as a VFX supervisor. 

AR Rahman is composing the music for the sequel too, and talented Adil Hussain will be seen playing a pivotal role.

2.0 will release on November 29, post-Diwali.