Bengaluru: Kannada actress Sangeetha Bhat has taken to Facebook to emotionally appeal to all asking them not to include her name in any cases of #MeToo or related incidents. She requested people to stop using her previous post to allege and accuse people in the film industry.

"I have quit the industry one year ago. Only those films that I had worked on before my quitting are  slated for release. I am away from this field. Let me live my life. I have moved on, please you too move on (SIC)," she said in her post.

Sangeetha had written on her Facebook, Twitter and Instagram handles one year ago about the struggles she had to face in her 10 years of journey as an actress. She had even mentioned that she was sexually harassed. But had not named anyone or made allegations against anyone.

But after Sruthi Hariharan's allegations against Arjun Sarja surfaced, people started dragging Sangeetha Bhat also into the issue. Without consulting her or talking to her, they used her posts to tag many actors into #MeToo movement.

Some even made allegations on her behalf that she was harassed by a particular actor. Thus, keeping them in mind Sangeetha said, "My request is for those, who have used my post to express your assumptions, and to connect it to incidents of people, who have nothing to do with me, please don't do that."  

Sangeetha Bhat requested, "By doing it, you are not helping me, but instead causing harm. You are spoiling many actors' names unnecessarily. The pain I had to go through cannot be undone now. I had just shared my experience of the struggle on social media platform. Please leave it at that. My request is that please do not drag me or my family into these matters."

The actress further added, "Please do not promote any issues with #MeToo under my post. I have never told in my post that I am giving you a hint, please go and find out who it is. Many people posted that I am standing with Sangeetha. But  in reality, I have not asked for anyone's help."

She clearly said that she, along with her husband and family, were staying away from it. "We do not want to fight against anyone.  I am not even a part of any protest or campaign," she added.

Currently, after quitting the film industry, Sangeetha Bhat is going for therapy and is  studying. She said that she was again learning to be happy and can take no blame for what she has not done.

Sangeetha Bhat also expressed anger against people for posting nasty messages, even when she shared her picture on Instagram.

"What have I done to deserve this? I have not named anyone or alleged against anyone nor have I defamed anyone. So, please let me live in peace," she said.

The actress also clarified that she was not doing anything for publicity, as she is not even in the industry and doesn't need any of that.