Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt, who was struggling from drug addiction the initial stages of his career is now telling his fans and followers to stop taking drugs. 

In his biopic Sanju, Ranbir Kapoor featured as Sanjay Dutt. The movie has shown his dark phase of life where he was into drugs, alcohol and women.

Yesterday (June 27) on the occasion of International World Drug Day, Sanjay shared a video for his followers and fans, asking people to not listen to people who offer them any drugs.

"Having been a victim of drug abuse myself, I feel responsible for doing my bit in spreading awareness about this menace. It was a moving experience to initiate the Drug-Free India campaign earlier this year with Guruji Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. Today on World Drug Day, let us continue our mission," he wrote in the caption.

In the video, he shared his own experience with addiction and advised people to say no to drugs.

"My parents would tell me something I would do the opposite. I wouldn't listen to my teachers, parents and friends. I did not even listen to my own heart. After learning various lessons from life - good and bad - I would still suggest the same, don't listen to anybody," the actor said.

The Agneepath actor added, "When your friends tell you that a single puff cannot harm, don't listen to them. When friend says that everybody takes drugs you should too, don't listen to them. This drug is better than others, don't listen. If they tell you that it's okay to take drugs when you are at a party or get-together. Taking drugs once does not make you an addict, don't listen to them. (SIC)"

"I know the truth, and that's why I am telling you, don't listen to them. Today, let's take a pledge that we will not consume drugs and will stop others from doing the same," Sanjay Dutt suggested.

Watch the video here