New Delhi: Most of the exit polls out on Sunday evening (May 19) predicted NDA and Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s stylish comeback in the 2019 Lok Sabha election.

Considering that the NDA and the BJP were faced with localised opposition formations, based on strong local caste and religious equations, the exit polls have given thumbs up to the saffron party, most pitching for over 300 seats for the NDA.

The figure is comfortably past the half-way mark of 542 seats and the BJP itself is expected to speed past the 272-mark on its own. Sliced and diced whichever way, the BJP has a lot to celebrate.

Considering four exit polls, the NDA is getting, on an average, 309 seats while the UPA is getting just about 113-114 seats in the Lok Sabha elections.

Times Now exit poll in association with VMR has portended 306 seats for the NDA and 132 for the UPA. C-Voter with Republic TV has given a figure of 287 for the NDA and 128 for the UPA. The same TV channel in association with Jan Ki Baat has pegged the numbers for the NDA at 305 and for the UPA at 124. Today’s Chanakya has predicted 340 seats for the NDA and just 70 for the UPA.
The average of these four exit polls pegs the UPA at just 113-14, while predicts an NDA and Narendra Modi government with the tally of 309.