New Delhi: Hardik Patel, Congress's import from the Patidar movement, made a highly racist remark on Tuesday. In his urge to target Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Patel said he will go to Nepal if he wants to find a 'chowkidar' (security guard). 

"Chowkidar dhoondhna hoga toh mein Nepal chala jaaunga, mujhe desh mein Prime Minister chahiye jo iss desh ke arthvyavastha ko, shiksha ko, yuvaon, jawanon ko mazboot kar sake. Mujhe chowkidar nahi pradhan mantri chahiye (If I want to find a chowkidar, I will go to Nepal. I want a Prime Minister for the country who can provide strength to the economy, education, youth and the military. I don't want a chowkidar, I want a Prime Minister)," Patel said.

Patel's statement was made to target Modi's "Chowkidar Chor hai" slogan. But this is not the first time that the term is being used with racist intent. Earlier AAP leader Alka Lamba and Congress's Navjot Singh Sidhu had used it as a racial slur as well. 

Lamba said, "Chowkidar toh Nepal se bhi mangwa sakte hai" (You can get a watchman from Nepal as well ). On April 1, Sidhu posted a defamatory and racist tweet urging Indians to elect a Prime Minister in the general election because an honest chowkidar can be recruited from Nepal as well.

Patel is not new to controversy. He was convicted by a court of law for two years in a case of rioting and arson in Visnagar town in 2015. That was precisely the reason he is unable to contest the ongoing Lok Sabha elections from Gujarat on a Congress ticket. With this blatant racist slur, the Congress leader has stooped to a new low.