Lunglein: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday addressed a rally in Lunglein in poll-bound Mizoram, and said that the nation's development would only be possible if the Northeast is developed.

Mizoram is of particular interest to the BJP given that the state is the last bastion of the Congress in the region and winning it would go a long way in its project of creating a Congress-mukt Bharat. 

Here are the highlights from Modi's speech

Modi said the focus of the BJP in the state would be on building connectivity in the form of highways, railways, airports and waterways. The BJP's agenda for the region is “transformation through transportation”.

“A double engine of BJP governments at both the Centre and the state will take Mizoram to new heights,” said Modi.

Criticising the Congress, the Prime Minister said the Rahul Gandhi-led party ignored the aspiration and hopes of the people in Mizoram.

Taking a jibe at Congress leader Shashi Tharoor, Modi said, “a Congress leader called the attire of the Northeast as outlandish. Your hopes, ambitions do not matter to the Congress.”

The Congress, which once governed most of the Indian states, is now in power in only two-to-three states, Modi pointed out. He said the upcoming Assembly elections would provide a golden opportunity for the Mizo people to get rid of this Congress culture.

Mizoram is scheduled to go for election on November 28.