Goodness is a rarity in a society that is stricken with grief and chaos. In a world where blood relatives butcher one another for wealth; the innocent seem to have entirely lost their say. However, even in this blinding darkness, few champions amongst us shine their torches to a peaceful path; striving to make the world a better place. One such individual is Balwant Kataria, known by many as Bobby.
Bobby, like many Social workers, rose from humble beginnings. Born on the 28th of November 1985, now 34-year-old Bobby hails from the city of Gurugram. To help Bobby pursue his higher education, he and his family had to shift to Delhi, where his journey finally began. 
While many children of his age saved money to buy a few goodies for themselves, Bobby showcased an affinity towards helping the poor and the needy with what little money he had. His childhood dream of serving mother India, and transforming her back into the golden bird, about which he had read in his history books, gave flight in his adulthood.  He had wholly dedicated his life to helping the unfortunate who were incapable of helping themselves.
Bobby is known for his selflessness; driven by his desire to help people, he often exceeds his limits. It was through perseverance, and years of hardship that he was finally able to establish his own NGO, the Yuvaekta Foundation. Bobby, alongside his companion, the Director of his NGO, Manju Singh, have battled corruption and poverty for years. Their glory is edged on the walls of his Facebook Account for the world to witness. For their tireless struggle, these heroes deserve nothing but praise and appreciation. 
Despite many hurdles, trials and tribulations, Bobby was able to help save the lives of many in his journey. He had rescued a girl who kidnapped and hurt by thugs! It was through his immense bravery and courage that he could reunite the child with her family. Bobby stood up for a newborn child when no one was there to rescue it from the horrifying clutches of death. From Delhi’s Shalimar Bag Hospital, he saved the life of an innocent baby who had been falsely proclaimed dead by the doctors and the hospital authorities.
Good deeds leave an impact of the society, no matter how minuscule they are. Bobby’s accomplishments far surpass any recorded data. He and his foundation solve 99% Percent of the registered and unregistered missing cases in Delhi. Bobby has been the backbone, supporting families that have nowhere else to go. He helps them file court cases against the people who had wronged them, and helps them fight for their justice! Whether it’s an accident, a rape or a Prosco case, Bobby and the Yuvaekta Foundation will never back down! In the health and medical sector, Bobby ensures that the poor are never compromised. He supervises operations like Kidney Transplant; ensuring that the poor receive proper treatment and that they are never overcharged for any service.
No matter how difficult the satiation gets, Bobby keeps persevering. They will help the needy find justice, despite all extremities.  It is with this dream that he progresses ahead, without a shred of doubt in his unhinged resolve. He believes that sooner or later, Mother India will shine again, and we all must contribute to her recovery.