Leading a successful life one needs to be both physically and mentally strong. In this tough time, we see many losing hope and falling into depression. Such people seemed to be increasing in this world with the passing day. Now, we have people like Prashant Urankar who has come out with a platform on social media called Who Cares. 

It addresses people both who are emotionally and mentally sick. It is a platform that helps people with mental health issues using relevant content. 

Prashant Urankar is based in Pune and could be a dropout but is a well read person who is very well aware about the people facing mental and emotional issues. 

These are the very people who tend to get into depression who further tend to indulge into extreme steps like suicide. This is where Prashant comes into the picture. He with powerful and helpful content on his social media platform - Who Cares makes all the difference in the lives of people suffering from emotional and mental turmoil. 

Prashant with his social media page called Who Cares has helped many people with his cutting edge content. He has drastically increased his fan following for his platform on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. On Facebook alone he has 6.9 million followers, while on Instagram, he has around 195k of followers. 

He has used the digital world professionally to enter in the life of people. His unique page name has attracted many people towards him and the content. His journey of helping people keeps on increasing with every passing day.

Facebook: Who Cares?