Maitreni Mishra is an award-winning Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger, Social Media Influencer and a long hair model. However, Acting, Singing, Sketching and Poetry are the avenues attached to the multi-talented artist in her. Just name it and she has it all. Maitreni acquires one of the most versatile personalities of an influencer that has taken the whole internet to her storm. 

Creativity has always been running down Maitreni’s veins for she’s the chip of the old block. She’s always believed to pursue the creative path with a desire to leave her indelible imprints on the sands of time. She gradually gained widespread popularity by her utmost dedication towards her dreams, unstoppable efforts, indomitable spirit and the knack of exploring opportunities throughout to accomplish her goals. 

She's a fabulous artist with fairly good hands in drawing, painting, doodle art, etc. Being a professional charcoal portrait artist who can replicate the exact human emotions, she makes her sketches look alive on paper with the finesse of her fingers. 

Maitreni Mishra honed her childhood art skills during her quarantine times. She has posted some fantastic "realism murals" of Bollywood celebrities too, during the lockdown that were immensely praised by her social media fans. Her celebrity sketches are reigning the internet, inspiring the youth generation to pursue their passion if their hearts dwell in the creative sphere. 

‘Psychological healing’ is the inspiration that drove the belief of an artist in Maitreni. Be it, words, tunes or a pencil, she believes creativity endows her with utmost patience and perseverance in life. The time Maitreni invests in her creations helps her channelize her low energies into an optimistic ray of hope. This global pandemic has helped her in detoxifying her soul and shooing away those anxieties and transforming her energies into skill enhancement. 

As an award-winning blogger and journalist and an ace Instagram Influencer with Lacks of fan following on her handle @maitrenimishra, a huge number of leading national & international brands in the fashion, technology and automobile industry have collaborated with her. She's been spotted at various lifestyle cafe launches through media invites in Delhi before lockdown. She appeared on the Page 3 column of top news publications a while back.

Being a writer by heart, Maitreni Mishra has an exclusive author profile at esteemed tech review sites like "Think Digit". At the same time, she is the "creative director" of her own lifestyle magazine cum blog, Despite having so many creative avenues associated with her persona, she takes out time and skills to uplift the artist in her.

Maitreni always believed in being herself and letting her individuality shine! She strongly affirms never to compromise on one’s morality and self-respect, no matter what. She never really wanted to follow the trends blindly, but just experience and learn from them and set her own. That’s how she’s become confidently distinct for the brands to identify her creative uniqueness in the blogosphere too.

Maitreni continues to hustle and empower her social space with Nil Desperandum.