In a bizarre incident that occurred on July 7, 2016, a paranormal investigator Gaurav Tiwari was found dead under "mysterious" circumstances at his flat in Delhi. According to the family, Tiwari was in the bathroom when they heard a loud noise. Upon breaking in, they found him unconscious on the floor. When he was taken to the hospital, the doctors declared him dead on arrival.

The family claimed that Tiwari was happy with his personal as well as professional life. However, according to Zee News, his wife reported that Tiwari was under a lot of stress because he claimed an evil spirit had been tormenting him. She refused to acknowledge Tiwari's claims, thinking her husband was over-worked. The post-mortem report revealed that Tiwari was suffocated to death and a dark line was found around the neck.


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Who was Gaurav Tiwari?
Tiwari was the CEO of the Indian Paranormal Society that he had established in 2009 to help those who lived in fear of the dead. It was reported that the ghost-finder had visited over 6,000 'haunted' locations and investigated paranormal activities in these areas.

Here are five things you didn't know about ghost-hunter Tiwari.

1. Gaurav had visited 6,000 sites for investigating paranormal activities.
2. He was a part of programmes such as Haunting Australia, MTV Girls Night out, Haunted Weekend with Sunny Leone, Bhoot Aaya and Fear Files.
3. He had won awards from America’s Paranexus Association for his work. He was also an ordained minister for Metaphysical Church of Humanistic Science as he could communicate with supernatural beings.
4. Gaurav married Arya Kashyap Tiwari in January 2016 and because of mounting work pressure, he was planning to quit his role as a ghost-finder.
5. Prior to the quest of hunting down evil spirits, Gaurav was a commercial pilot.