Jashaun Ford-Ryals, also known as Jase Ford, is a New York-based actor, musician, and model. Ford decided to move to New York to pursue his acting career in 2019. He is currently enrolled at NYU Tisch School of The Arts, pursuing a BFA in Drama. 

During his time at NYU, Jase mentioned that he was able to network with dozens of industry leaders and meet with classmates who have the same passion as him. One of those students being Aryaan Arora, who Jase Ford has collaborated with in his recent viral cover ‘Ayy Macarena’. 

Link To “Ayy Macarena” Remix 

According to Forbes, Aryaan Arora is “an American born actor who made his on-screen debut on one of the biggest Hollywood Television broadcasting companies, “ABC” (a flagship property of Walt Disney Television). In fact, Aryaan’s season premiere episode of ABC’s “What Would You Do” was also released on YouTube and went viral, getting a whopping 8.8 million views and counting. The actor has now been seen going viral all-over again on social media with his musical renditions of popular Bollywood soundtracks. These videos have grossed millions of views transforming him into an internet sensation.”

Jase Ford did the rap portion in the remix, while Aryaan did his own original verse in Hindi and English. The two artists decided to keep Tyga’s initial verse in order to maintain the original essence, while giving it a different flow. They wanted to create content that could reach the American audience as well as the international audience. 

Ford is planning on releasing his debut single, “Fallen”. 

The song is about love and the way it makes one feel. After talking to Jase about the single, he said, “The love between my girlfriend and I is what inspired me to write this song. The things that I’ve felt throughout our relationship comes to fruition in this song.”


He is excited to showcase his new sound and even more excited to explore different styles over the next few months.


He is also currently working on original music with Aryaan and reportedly will be collaborating with New York based singer-songwriter Claytonisokay.