New Delhi: There is only one thing predictable about Pakistan cricket team and it's their unpredictability. After getting thrashed by West Indies in their opening match of the ICC World Cup 2019, Pakistan bounced back in the most emphatic manner and defeated the host nation England in their favourite home ground, Nottingham. 

It is hard to explain how Pakistan managed to turn things so drastically and ended their 11-match losing streak by defeating the strongest team in the tournament but we have seen this from them in the past, too.

Match scorecard

Pakistan cricket team's ability to bounce when people write them off is second to none and this is what makes them a dangerous opposition to face in the big tournament, especially the ICC World Cup. They are like a box of chocolates and you never know what you are going to get.

Just a day before the Eid, Pakistan cricket team gave their fans back home the biggest gift and suddenly there is, once again, hope and fans are backing them and this is the most important thing for any team.

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Also, Pakistan's surprising win over England has opened up the tournament and given the World Cup 2019 the much-needed spark, which was missing in the first few matches. 

Here are the three biggest learning points from Pakistan's win over England on Monday (June 3) 

1. England's glorious 'home-run' has finally come to an end 

England were the pre-tournament favourites and seven out of every 10 pundits had picked them as their favourites to win the World Cup 2019. However, losing a high-scoring contest against Pakistan right at the start of the tournament will dent their confidence and send a message across to all the teams, even the lesser ones, that the hosts can be defeated.

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It was clearly visible that Pakistan's confounding win had a demoralising effect on them and they will have to re-group very quickly before the next game. In a big tournament like the World Cup, confidence and form are very important and their bubble bursting defeat has shown they the host nation are by no means, invincible.

2. Pakistan: From shambolic to sublime

Pakistan has a very good record in World Cups and after their jolting win against England, all the other teams will now consider them as a big threat in the coming weeks. The focus will now shift from England, India, and Australia and teams like West Indies and Pakistan will also come into focus.

Pakistan showed against England they are more than capable of competing against the best teams in the world and they will challenge for a semi-final spot. 

3. Virat Kohli's analysis was spot-on

Before the start of the ICC World Cup, many pundits had predicted that we will get to see scores in excess of 400, perhaps even 500. But, in the first few games, we have learned that the pressure of playing in a World Cup plays a critical role while chasing big totals.

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The Indian captain, Virat Kohli had rightly predicted that scores of around 300 could be worth fifty more due to the pressures of a World Cup. The early indicators suggest that scores of around 300 will not be easy to chase down and can be defended during the World Cup 2019.