Manchester: The tickets for India-Pakistan match at the ICC World Cup 2019 were sold out much in advance. But, now there is a platform where tickets are being resold at exorbitant prices.

With just two days to go for the biggest contest in this year’s World Cup in England, a website is reselling over 100 tickets for prices ranging from Rs 62,000 to 20,000.

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On Friday evening (June 14), when MyNation checked the Viagogo portal, tickets were being resold in platinum, gold, silver and bronze categories. The highest price was Rs 62,610 for platinum section while the lowest was Rs 20,790. Gold section had a price-tag of Rs 28,211. Silver had a cost of Rs 22,498. Also, there were tickets for Rs 47,000 plus in platinum category.

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The Old Trafford stadium has a capacity of 23,000. Tickets, sold only on the official website of the International Cricket Council (ICC), were exhausted soon since the time they were made available. The ICC had used “ballot” system for users to be able to buy the tickets.

“Ballot” is the random computerised ballot carried out to determine which entrants are allocated the tickets after registering online. ICC also had listed the process of resale through its official website. However, now people are purchasing tickets via another website.

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As per ICC’s ticket policy, “Tickets are non-transferable except as set out in these conditions. A Ticket Purchaser may purchase Tickets only for their personal use and/or that of their Guest(s). Each Ticket Purchaser must retain at least one (1) Ticket for their own personal use and may only transfer any remaining Ticket(s) to their Guest(s) for their personal use (provided always that the Guest is a natural person who is known to the Ticket Purchaser personally and who did not become known to the Ticket Purchaser through the sale, transfer or disposal of the Ticket), for no greater than the Original Sale Price and not for commercial gain. Any such transfer by the Ticket Purchaser of a Ticket to a Guest must be made strictly subject to these Conditions (and the Guest's appearance thereof) which shall be binding upon the Guest in full as if the Guest was the Ticket Purchaser, save only that the Guest shall have no right to transfer the Ticket under this Condition."