Kolkata: BCCI’s new president Sourav Ganguly has supported day/night Tests and this idea has got the backing of former India captain Mohammad Azharuddin.

“We all are thinking about this. We will do something about it. I am a big believer of day/night Test matches, I do not know when will that happen. Till the time I am around, I will keep pushing about it. I must say, Virat Kohli, is agreeable to it. Once the captain of India agrees to it, life will become easier,” Ganguly said in Kolkata on Friday (October 25) during the felicitation programme of him by Cricket Association of Bengal (CAB).

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"Yes you need to maintain the history of Test cricket, but you need to take the game forward. I am a firm believer of day/night Test matches, it can attract the audience to the stadiums. T20 cricket is seriously challenging the Test cricket, steps need to be taken," he added.

Azharuddin, the Hyderabad Cricket Association (HCA) president, who was also present on the occasion, agreed with Ganguly and said he is happy that skipper Virat Kohli is also on the same page with the BCCI president.

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"It is good if captain is agreeable like Dada. It is a good experiment. You will get to know if public will like it or not. It should be implemented," Azharuddin said during the felicitation ceremony.

Azhar, who was Ganguly's first international captain, is happy to see him grow in his role as an administrator.

"I am very happy Ganguly has become the BCCI president. He's one of the finest persons and an outstanding human being. One of the best players we won so many tournaments. He played cricket in his terms and as BCCI president too I hope he will play that on his term also," he said.

Azhar, who made his Test debut at the Eden Gardens with a century and later had some memorable moments at this ground including captaincy saving hundred and Hero Cup victory, said that he is number two in terms of popularity.

"With the advent of Ganguly, I have become number two, because he is the local boy here. Then after that Laxman came," he said in a lighter vein standing on the dias with Ganguly and Laxman by his side.

Azhar fondly recollected his starting days and thanked former Bengal captain and newly formed Indian Cricketers' Association president Ashok Malhotra for pushing his case during an Irani Cup game, which used to be a trial for national team selection.

"When I was first selected for Irani Trophy I was not going to play that match, but he (Malhotra) told Kapil Paaji that you have to play this boy. I cannot forget that.

"I got 50 runs in that match and got the recognition. It's nice to see him here after a long time," Azharuddin said.

Malhotra, who has been elected as ICA president unanimously, was also part of the felicitation ceremony.

"Whenever I come to Eden Gardens, I have no words to say. People really love me here. When I first played for India, I thought people loved me more in Bengal," Azharuddin said.

"I thank the people of Bengal from bottom of my heart. They have rallied around me during the good and bad times. I thought I gave a little bit of joy. I got more from people of Bengal.