India witnessed floods in many regions and what follows suit generally is water scarcity. According to a report, Unicorn Ventures will lend a helping hand to startups that solve problems faced by society. 

The report by quoted founder of Unicorn Ventures Anil Joshi who said that startups in Kerala are efficient when it comes to problem solving and remarked that there are startups that solve drinking water issues in Kerala.

With an aim to prioritise funding of such problem-solving startups Unicorn Ventures has reportedly planned for funding worth Rs 400 crore in the B2B sector. There is no doubt plenty of opportunity in the B2B sector, and many startups are able to obtain and source funds. Unicorn Ventures looks at filling in the gaps left out by other investors, Joshi said, according to the report.

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Out of the Rs 400 crore that has been set aside for the sector, Rs 100 crore will reportedly be allocated for startups based in Kerala.
The report also stated that the firm will focus on funding seed stage, Pre-Series A and Series A segments.