Ola, led by Bhavish Aggarwal, is gearing up to re-enter the grocery delivery arena through the Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC), as reported by various media outlets. This move comes amid the rapid expansion of the grocery delivery sector across India, particularly in metro cities like Delhi-NCR, where apps such as Blinkit and Big Basket are gaining popularity for their convenience and accessibility.

Ola had previously dipped its toes into grocery delivery back in 2015 with a standalone online store in Bangalore. The initiative included utilizing cab drivers to deliver groceries during specific hours. However, this service was discontinued shortly after its launch. Similarly, a brief stint in 2012 saw Ola Dash operating approximately 15 grocery stores in Mumbai and Bangalore, but this too was discontinued after a year.

The resurgence into grocery delivery comes on the heels of Ola's recent foray into food delivery with its own app. This strategic move underscores Ola's ambition to diversify its offerings and tap into the burgeoning e-commerce market in India.

The Government of India's ONDC initiative plays a pivotal role in Ola's renewed efforts. Designed to foster a more inclusive and competitive digital commerce environment, ONDC aims to empower small businesses by providing them with a level playing field against larger market players. This initiative is particularly beneficial for smaller entities lacking the financial muscle to compete effectively in the e-commerce landscape.

With Ola poised to leverage the ONDC platform, consumers can expect enhanced options and accessibility in grocery shopping. This move not only reflects Ola's commitment to innovation but also underscores its readiness to capitalize on evolving consumer preferences and market dynamics in the digital age.

As Ola prepares to roll out its grocery delivery service shortly, industry watchers anticipate how it will carve its niche in the competitive and rapidly expanding grocery delivery segment across India's urban centers.