Through his book, “Get VOCAL for LOCAL”, Arvin offers solutions pertaining to digital marketing and content development to brands, marketers as per the need of the hour – Getting Local!

Arvin Subramanian, the author of “Get Vocal for Local” is currently the best-selling author in his book category. However, this book is his first experiment as a writer. Arvin is a digital marketer who has been working with brands in various industries such as Television, OTT, News, Politics, Sports and Music. About his Career, Arvin says “For most of my career, I have been working on building the regional social media accounts of national brands. The challenges I faced during localization of the national campaigns, were unique. That’s the reason, why I started writing a book on the same”.

Arvin, has been involved in digital media campaigns for movies, brands that featured huge celebrities like Rajinikanth, Kareena Kapoor Khan. Talking about the campaigns, Arvin says “My most memorable campaign was the Lingaa Leave Letter campaign, where we had invited ‘Thalaivar’ Rajinikanth fans to come up with creative leave requests to watch Lingaa movie. Similarly, years back, when twitter trending was new to India – We had done a campaign called Purple Box to unveil Kareena Kapoor as the ambassador for Naturals Salon. We had been in Twitter trending list for 7 consecutive days during that campaign.” 

Arvin, is also a research scholar who is pursuing his doctoral research on OTT platforms. About his research, Arvin says, “The arrival of various OTT platforms to India, has changed digital media landscape. However, Majority of the Indian OTT viewership comes from ‘free users’. Converting them to premium subscribers is going to be a challenge. My research focusses on identifying the factors, which will help this transition.” He has also released a number of research papers on topics such as Binge watching behaviour and Para-social relationships. 
Arvin has evidently used his digital marketing skills, in marketing his book “Get Vocal for Local”. The Book has been the Best Seller in its category ever since release! Talking about the steps he took to market his book, Arvin says “How you pace your promotions is very important. I kept releasing only one content about the book every day. I mixed up content like Video teasers, Reviews, Write Ups, Testimonials, Endorsements, Ranking Updates – so that it becomes refreshing and interesting for the audience, instead of just spamming their timeline with purchase links.”

That sounds about right. Look out for the book “Get Vocal for Local”, in case you find this story interesting.