Keep going, and something will almost surely appear, perhaps when you least expect it. Similarly, when you think your business has stopped growing, it will suddenly explode, leaving you wondering how it happened. The boost of business is the result of hard work which is being paid off. Tushar Rayate, the founder of NextgenDigiHub, is another example of someone whose persistent efforts have aided his company's growth in the field of digital marketing.

The business-savvy man hails from a small town of Dhule in Maharashtra. His life took a complete turn when he moved to Pune and was introduced to the term Digital Marketing. And sooner realized the fact that God has planned something different for him. After which he started exploring the term to do something big about it.

Continuing on the same path, he gained expertise and confidence by working with a variety of companies such as Facebook, Google, and high-profile PR teams, as well as a network of agencies and customers. 

NextgenDigiHub, which was his passion project, turned out to be his most profitable and well-priced enterprise when the rest of the world was at home waiting for the market to open. With the help of his venture, he was able to train and empower folks with the resources they needed to solve societal problems.

When asked about digital marketing for rural areas he said, “The villages might leverage social media and other digital marketing strategies to reach a larger audience, and our platform will prove to be an effective means for doing so.”

Tushar thinks that people will be able to study and perfect the art of digital marketing as a result of his efforts. He provides advice and oversight to organisations and businesses' branding and digital marketing departments, as well as educating the best digital marketers. He offers both basic and advanced online and offline classes that may take a person's expertise from zero to one hundred per cent.

Not only does he contribute by offering advice, but he also gives free courses and several talks at various MBA colleges, advising on the path to success. He wants those who don't have a lot of money to be able to grow, and he's doing his best to help them.

Believing in himself, he has always pushed himself to never look back and work harder. Similarly, he advises everyone that no one is born without the ability to succeed. They only need a little nudge in the correct direction.

To stay motivated, he reminds himself that regardless of whether he can or cannot reach a huge number of people in India, individuals will receive access to his skills and knowledge by enrolling in these courses, which will help them grow their computerised marketing specialisation.

With his vast venture,  he poses to train new and seasoned entrepreneurs to upgrade their involved computerized advertising abilities to be utilized to maintain their online business. He makes it easy to understand and provides a user-friendly interface, the application also includes preparation, certification, internship facilities, and placement with a professional digital marketing firm. 

Tushar's business model follows the rule that the more you practise, the more you'll figure out how to do the same thing with other data sources. Algorithms are always changing, and this is unavoidable. One must stay with the changes and find their way around them.

A leading digital marketer of the country, Tushar Rayate visions to expand his digital empire across global shores. His tips may prove blessings in disguise for digital marketing aspirants struggling to build their career in the domain.

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