The speculated romantic relationship between Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif and URI star Vicky Kaushal seems to be blooming with each passing day. Both have sparked dating rumours and the news of them being in a relationship refuses to die down.

Recently, both were seen together at a Diwali party, which added to speculation about their relationship. They left the venue at the same time as well, but in different cars.

Reports now state that Katrina and Vicky are planning to a holiday to enjoy the New Year's Eve. And welcome the new year together out of the country.


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According to Mumbai Mirror, "Katrina and Vicky are quite serious about each other and ready to be a little more open about their romance. More public appearances together are expected. But first, they have plans for a New Year's Eve getaway"

Though Katrina and Vicky aren't formally dating but reports state that the two are definitely interested in each other.


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According to a daily, a friend close of Katrina spilled the beans saying they are not dating formally, but love each other’s company. “They are not in a relationship formally, but they are definitely interested in each other’s company."

Report also suggests that Kat and Vicky do find the time to catch up on the phone. Katrina's friend also said, "I'd say this is a developing relationship. Let's give them time and space, shall we?"

The report further stated that the URI star Vicky is awestruck with Katrina's beauty, and often talks about it with his friends.

In an interview, Katrina reacted to the news saying such rumours don’t matter. “These stories are part and parcel of our lives. Now I have that maturity to know all that matters is the work that you do.”