Chef-turned-filmmaker Vikas Khanna soon took to Instagram and Twitter to share his excitement along with a few stills from the Neena Gupta-starrer film. He also penned a long heartfelt post describing his journey with the decision of taking the plunge to debut with the film.

"Being a Michelin Star Chef, no one takes risks like this. To start something so new in creative fields.....but some inner voice made me do it. Just to be eligible for Oscars2020. (BEST FEATURE FILM). Just to be on this list," read Khanna's caption.


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Describing further about his experience with the film, he wrote "On Ganga's banks, I wrote the story-screenplay-scenes-concept-characters-music-novel of THE LAST COLOR. As she touched my feet & made me alive again & again. Singing lullabies to me at the night.

Everything was a gift from the Universe. And today when I saw the list on OSCARS - "ELIGIBLE FOR THE 92ND ACADEMY AWARDS" My heart believes that this movie was made through me for some cosmic cause."


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Actor Neena Gupta, who plays a central role in the film, reacted to Khanna's tweet and said that she cannot believe that the film is in the Oscar race.

The Last Color has not been released in Indian theatres, but was premiered at the Mumbai film festival this year.

Produced by Odisha-based producer Jitendra Mishra and helmed by Vikas Khanna, the film revolves around the lives of windows residing in Indian religious sites of Vrindavan and Varanasi.