The speculated romantic relationship between Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif and URI star Vicky Kaushal seems to be blooming with each passing day. Both have sparked dating rumours and the news of them being in a relationship refuses to die down.

Few reports mention that it is just a publicity stunt for the movie, but fans of the actors don’t care too much for those. Fans have embarked on a matchmaking trip on social media by latching on to the hashtag #VikKat to stated how good a couple both of them would make.

Here are some tweets:

"WOOW Vicky and Katrina!" a user posted.

Another user went to the extent of suggesting a more permanent deal for the actors. "Mr and Mrs kaushal," the user stated.

"What a beautiful luck for Vicky!" posted another user.

"Unstoppable love," remarked another.

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But is Vicky Kaushal dating Katrina Kaif?
Vicky and Katrina were seen together at filmmaker Ali Abbas Zafar's birthday party last week. They have been spotted together at quite a few parties over the past few months too. Both were seen together at a Diwali party last year, which added to speculation about the relationship. They left the venue at the same time as well, but in different cars.

According to Mumbai Mirror, "Katrina and Vicky are quite serious about each other and ready to be a little more open about their romance."

According to a daily, a friend close of Katrina spilled the beans saying they are not dating formally but love each other’s company. “They are not in a relationship formally, but they are definitely interested in each other’s company," the source stated.