Mumbai: Filmmaker and actor Arbaaz Khan has been making waves for inviting actors to his tell-all talk show, Pinch. The show recently released its new episode that features their latest guest, Sunny Leone. In the show, she talked about how she deals with the trolls and negative comments on her social media posts. 


She said sometimes she gave it back to trollers in her own unique way. During the show, she read some nasty comments on her past profession as an adult movie star. However, Sunny learnt to take all the criticism with a pinch of salt and moved on to become a better person than she was before.

Sunny was shown a very crude tweet which said that "Sunny Leone anticipated porn ban and wisely shifted her career." To which Sunny replied, "Seriously, I am a visionary."

Sunny will also be talking about her past and being a pornstar and how she shifted her career. "I made decisions that were best for me at that moment in time. Have I evolved? Absolutely. Have I moved on? Absolutely," Sunny said while discussing her past with Arbaaz.

Sunny also took a dig at trolls saying, "Thank you so much for trolling me. It feels amazing because I know how long you are spending on my page."

She said that she blocked 2020 people from her Instagram account and also she has put some filters of words like porn, sex, some body parts name, some Hindi slangs and that whenever someone tries to write such word on her comment section, it won't post. 

Sunny also said that she Insta post herself and even she scans comments and deletes, which she doesn't like much. She loves posting her family pictures and funny video but hates when people comment on her children.    
Sunny Leone and Arbaaz Khan have worked together in Tera Intezaar and now have once again collaborated for an episode on Pinch.