We have seen many times Ranbir Kapoor speaking about how madly he is in love with his co-star Alia Bhatt, but on the other hand, she doesn't like discussing him.

Both Alia and Ranbir were seen taking lavish vacations recently as they went to South Africa to take some adventurous African safaris, holding hands at awards functions and public events.

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In many interviews, Ranbir Kapoor has often spoken about Alia Bhatt and expressed his love for the girl and how their relationship is progressing naturally. On the other hand,  Alia doesn't like talking about him a lot. 

In public events or chat shows, when she is asked about Ranbir, she either gives a cryptic answer or avoids answering such questions. 


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In a DNA interview, Alia explained why she does that. "What connects Ranbir and I is for me to understand. What I did at that moment (Filmfare Awards) of thanking him was purely out of gratitude, and honesty, and it was all from my heart. I feel it is very personal and I don't think it can be discussed in public domain. This is the first time that I am talking about anything like this (referring to relationships) in my life. I would like to keep it sacred and simple. Discussing why, why not, how.. gives it unnecessary attention, which could go either way. So, I might as well leave it aside." 

It looks like Alia wants to keep her love protected from people and gossip mongers.