Gioconda Vessichelli 'Contigo Bom Bom' in a sexi Latino beat with a flavour of Indian music and with one Gioconda's unmissable line in Opera style which she uses to sign the beginning of each of her songs like if the high pitch in opera style is the starting point of all the peppy rhythm which will follow in the song.

The popular and acclaimed Italian singer by blood and Indian singer by heart will make you dance on the overwhelming Latino beat of her song “ Contigo Bom Bom” which means from Spanish language “ With  you ...Bom Bom” to state the explosion that you will feel when Gioconda Vessichelli ‘s voice with you will make a BOM BOM blast!

As Italian food s recipes  we ll give you this recipe : put an Italian grown up child prodigy internationally acclaimed opera singer, at least one line sung in opera voice which is the deal with which she starts all her peppy songs, mix a Latino beat with Indian music,melt 4 languages (English,Spanish,Italian,Hindi) together, use  clothes signed by Italian designer Versace on an Italian genious singer named Gioconda Vessichelli who is able to speak 7 languages and to sing in 10 languages and to play 5 instruments, shake Latino and western dancers ‘bodies in a great choreography having a viral gesture “Bom Bom” ,put all the ingredients in a marvelous Italian landscape set  ...cook your hearts in listening and watching repeatedly the song and the video and are ready to dance and to be run over by Gioconda Vessichelli ‘s new Song “Contigo Bom Bom”!

Please enjoy it but be careful cause it may make you burst!

Source: CineTalkers