Sara Ali Khan is one of the most loved actresses from the young lot. She is not just appreciated for her acting skills, but also for her sense of humour.

At the Star Screens Awards 2019, which was held on December 8 in Mumbai, we saw many stars from Deepika Padukone to Alia Bhatt dressed in their best. Many actors showed their dancing skills on the stage and a few entertain people with their comic antics, but one incident left the audience stunned.

In a report in SpotboyE, Sara landed herself in an embarrassing situation for shouting a cuss word on stage while assuming the mic was off, which unfortunately was not.

Here is what happened:

Sara was on the stage with her rumoured ex-boyfriend and co-star of Aaj Kal Kartik Aaryan to host the show. Sara took the mic and started interacting with the audience. However, during the act, their mic was not functioning initially, Sara was not audible.

So in a loud tone, Sara said "Mic on please" several times. By the time the mic started working, Sara had got angry and vented out her anger by uttering the cuss word “B*#$@*@#”. Unfortunately for Sara, the audience heard her abuse out loud.

This left stars stunned and Sara embarrassed. To cover it out, Kartik laughed it off, and everyone joined in the laughter.

Take a look: