Popular YouTuber Bhuvan Bam has seamlessly transformed himself into an excellent actor and it's not just us, industry experts like Anurag Kashyap have also said this recently. Anurag called him an exceptional actor, unlike other influencers. Anurag believes that 'influencers can't act'. 

When asked about how Bhuvan feels being complimented by Anurag Kashyap, he said, "I never thought this would come so soon in life. Feeling to acchi hai."

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The Dhindora and Taaza Khabar actor said, "There’s an old vlog on my channel where I have said that if I get appreciated by two people in life, my life will be fulfilled, and one of those people is Anurag Kashyap. Ek baar bol diya tha to chala gaya hoga universe mein. While there is a long way to go for me, at this stage, hearing this coming from him is quite encouraging.”

He also talks about the labels that influencers get, he said, “These assumptions do take place and I don’t blame anyone for it as no one had seen such a transition before. There is a line ki is taraf wale (actors) acting kar sakte hain, us taraf wale (influencers) nahi kar sakte. And there is time for that line to get blurred. With art, it’s difficult to please everyone, and when you come from a social media background, the judgment is naturally very heavy, and people perceive you differently. You have to change the mind of the hierarchy and this point of proving yourself will never go. But I like it when someone undermines me as proving them wrong and changing their thinking tastes all the sweeter.”

The 30-year-old also talked about the power of social media and how many stars it has produced. He said, “Social media actually runs the world for me. In today’s time, even if it goes down for two-three hours, hahakar mach jata hai har jagah. Not only is it driving every country’s economy, but there are so many people like me who have got hope and their careers from social media.” However, he also points out the duplicity of it: “There is also a lot of fakeness on it. It has turned into a medium to where we try to find color in our black-and-white life through it, just so that we can show that our life is different.”

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