Akshay Kumar recently appeared on Kapil Sharma Show to promote the movie Housefull 4 with his co-stars Riteish Deshmukh, Bobby Deol and Chunky Pandey. During the show, Kapil asked each guest if they have ever been rejected by any girl.

To that, Akshay Kumar made some interesting revelations about his personal life.

Saying he had faced rejection from girls, Akshay revealed an incident from his teen. Akshay said that a girl rejected him because he could not get intimate with her.

"I was on a date for the first time. So 2-3 times I took her to watch movie and also to restaurants. Problem is I was very shy, I never touched her hands even. She wanted me to hold her hands or kiss her or something, but I never did. So, she left me," Akshay said. Listening to that everyone in the audience burst into laughter. 

Akshay further said that after this, he transformed himself completely.


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Akshay's co-stars Riteish and Bobby too acknowledged that girls had rejected them in the past, but interestingly, Chunky Pandey said that he never was refused by a girl.

Chunky Pandey said that he rejected a lot of people, but he never faced it. He